Kia ora koutou

Welcome to the CBC children's resource page.

We felt that with all that is going on in Aotearoa at present, it would be good to ensure we have a good number of resources online for children.

We have grouped these into four rough categories.
1. Good, maybe deeper, bible study for Children. 
      This will include the Children's church study for each Sunday.
2. Bible study's for children, but a bit lighter.
3. Good resources that are more for fun and teaching good values from a Christian perspective
4. Resources for helping your child learn on line.

1. Good Bible studies and activities

CBC Children's Church for March 29th

Here are some great resources for having children's church at your place this Sunday.

Focus on the Family - Family study

This is a weekly, year long family devotion. But can be done daily throughout the next few weeks. Each devotion consists of a specific prayer point,  a small activity to help illustrate the scripture, an in-depth look at the theme and some good discussion questions. Feel free to have a look through and go in any order that you'd like.

2. Bible studies and activities, a little lighter

If you haven’t already downloaded the Bible for Kids app, I would highly recommend it! The app is covered with colourful animations and characters. There are different stories available that can be read aloud with interactive elements on the screen. After each story, the user is asked a question about what they just read, if they can answer correctly, they can gain stars that go towards their completion. It’s recommended for children under the age of 10.

As children's church, lets all memorise one passage of scripture. Once we’ve got it, record it as a video and upload it to our facebook page. I think it would be an encouraging thing and keep that community going <3

JonJon has made a Spotify playlist filled with worship songs that help us to fix our eyes on God at this time.

Animated Bible Stories

This Youtube channel offers a lot of resources for teaching children about the Bible. I've attached one of their video playlists that has over 150 short animated stories that will entertain as well as teach your child. I'd recommend this for children aged 3-8 but even some of the older kids might enjoy it.

D6 Provides Free At-Home Discipleship Materials During the Coronavirus

The D6 Family group have an app that includes daily devotions, fun family questions and other tools to help disciple your children. Take a look and download the app for either Android or Apple.

3. Good resources that are Christian and are more for fun and teaching good values.

4. Resources for helping your child learn on line.

CBC Kids Scavenger Hunts

Let’s have a scavenger hunt! Find the objects on these lists, take a photo and upload it to the CBC Kids facebook page! We’ll see who can find the most creative things.

Storyline Online is an excellent children’s literacy website created by the Screen Actors’ Guild. It provides free storytelling videos and resources for parents and teachers to foster a love of reading in children.

Kahoot is a game based learning platform. The learning takes place through multiple choice quizzes that are run from a device and participated with other devices as a “buzzer” of sorts. In my experience within schools, people of all ages enjoy using Kahoot. It rewards players for having quick reaction times, as well as getting answers consecutively correct. It also serves well as a comprehension test after a subject or as a reward for good work (there are plenty of Disney quizzes!)

When the World Stayed Home is a social story written by Fiona Moffat from the Ministry of Education. She created it to help with explaining the government’s reasoning for this response. It’s most suitable for junior and middle schoolers.