Who We Are

We believe that everyone is deeply loved by God. Never is this more clearly seen than in Jesus Christ, the Son of God who loved us and gave his life for us. We believe that all who put their faith in Him are forgiven and welcomed into God's family forever. As God's children we are called to live a life of love - to love as we have been loved.

What We Value

A life of love grows out of our faith in Jesus, discovering, embracing and living out the truths that define him. At City Bible Church we have identified the following 6 core truths or values that we see in Jesus and in the New Testament teaching to the early church.

We value dependence on the Father

We so desperately need Him and he has provided all we need. We cry out to him in our times of need and we praise him for all he provides. Knowing all we have is from him, enables us to surrender all to him and for his Kingdom. Prayer, worship, generous giving and wise stewardship flow from dependence.

We value the grace of Christ

Jesus has been so generous to us. He has given his life in our place on the cross and new life when we trust in him. Unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness are at the heart of our faith and move us to reach out with his grace to the world, forgiving as he forgave us, loving because he first loved us.

We value being empowered by the Spirit

Living by faith in Jesus is possible because we are not alone. He has given us the Holy Spirit to lead us and guarantee our future forever. The Holy Spirit is at work in us as he gives us gifts to serve each other, continually transforms us to be more like Jesus and empowers us to share Jesus with others.

We value living the Word of God

We believe that the Bible is God's word to us. Reading, reflecting and wrestling with it's content builds our faith, but allowing the word of God to radically change the way we think and act must follow. Without it's connection to everyday life it merely remains theory, when it was intended for practice.

We value authentic community

Through faith in Jesus we are welcomed into God's family, the church. This global and local community should be a safe place, in which we find acceptance and belonging along with encouragement and inspiration - trusting, loving relationships that become the heart, hands and feet of Jesus to each other.

We value compassion for the needy

"To be deeply moved by the heart of God to give our lives for the last, the least and the lost." We are committed to loving our neighbors, whether right next door, in Frankton Village, in the Red light areas of Bangkok or in the Hill Tribe Villages of Northern Thailand. Loving as we have been loved … this is our faith in action.

Our Team

Craig Barrow - Lead Pastor
Craig Barrow

Lead Pastor

Dave Tabrum - Associate Pastor
Dave Tabrum

Associate Pastor

Mahaylia Stevenson - Communications Manager
Mahaylia Stevenson

Communications Manager

Jeremy Kelsen - Care & Connections Pastor
Jeremy Kelsen

Care & Connections Pastor

Raewyn Sing - Pastoral Care and Connections
Raewyn Sing

Pastoral Care and Connections

JonJon Ruakere - Children's Pastor
JonJon Ruakere

Children's Pastor

Victoria Forero - Community Worker
Victoria Forero

Community Worker