Join us for our summer series for the next 3 Sundays. Each service will be live from 6am Sunday morning.

​27th December 2020

3rd January 2021

10th January 2021

Summer YouVersion Bible Plans

Want to grow in your faith over the summer and 2021? Here are a few bible plans to help you lean into Jesus.

This plan takes readers through the entirety of Scripture in one year, including readings from the Old Testament, New Testament and either a Psalm or Proverb each day. Combined with a daily commentary from Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, this plan guides us to engage more closely with God’s Word and encourages us not only to apply the teachings of Scripture to our everyday life, but also to move deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

Dallas Willard urged us to learn and practice prayer as a two-way dialogue with God. These excerpts from his best-selling book Hearing God, assembled by Jan Johnson, are an invitation to meet God, to allow his voice to shape your choices, and to encourage your heart. As you begin this 24-day reading plan, thank God that he promises to meet you wherever you are in your faith journey.

Do you long to move closer to God through Christ Jesus, ever toward the abiding Jesus spoke of in John 15? Prayer is the pathway! God is there, He cares, and He listens and responds to our prayers. This 12-day Bible reading and prayer plan will help you grow in intimacy with God, with incremental, inspirational steps to gently move you from “seeking the Lord” to “abiding with Him.”

A playlist for over summer to encourage us to lean in as we layback.